About Us

Family Elf is a family owned business based in Vancouver, Canada. We started Family Elf to help young families facing similar challenges as we are when it comes to finding best products for the home. When looking to make a purchase for our own family, we were often disappointed by the mediocre quality and high prices of products available on the market. While there’s a seemingly wide variety of choices, many products simply copy one another, leaving the quality lower than you deserve. We are creative, and we believe that we can bring interesting and unique products to the market and make the family life brighter. These reasons are what led us to start Family Elf.

Our products are developed, produced and sold for babies, families and the home. As a family‐run business, we wanted to design affordable, premium quality products that would be useful to a specific audience ‐ young families, as we understand their needs and challenges. Our mission is to provide products which are a good fit for your family. Rather than producing a wide variety of products, we’ve chosen to focus on a few that will be the best on the market.

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy the results of our work. Our hope is that our products will enhance your family’s life and home for years to come.

Alex and Marina

We are the couple behind Family Elf. Both of us are dedicated to our young family — we’re hard-working, but take the time to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We love hiking and enjoy being outside in both winter and summer. We bring many years of experience in art and design, which we use to create and produce the unique products.