Stress-Free Tips to Battle Bath Time Issues

Published by Jennifer on Apr 5, 2018

For new parents, the challenge of bathing a newborn baby is daunting. Putting your baby into water and washing her for the first time can be scary. The dangers that can occur during bath time and the general nervousness new parents feel about caring for their new sweet bundle can make it nerve-wracking for you and your baby too.

Follow these tips to help you turn bath time into a daily ritual that will keep you from panicking while giving baby something refreshing to look forward to.

1. Get everything ready first

The best thing you can do is have everything you need for your baby’s bath at the ready before you even grab baby for bath time. Put all of the essentials from the tear-free soap to the washcloth to the towel right beside the tub. This way, you can grab it with ease without leaving baby unattended. It’s recommended you keep one hand on your newborn baby at all times.

2. Try a bath sling

One way to make bath time less stressful for everyone is to use a baby bath hammock or a bath sling. These products attach to your baby tub, providing a snug and secure place for you to wash your baby. You still can’t leave her unattended and should never move out of reach of her, but it makes the process a lot smoother to use one.

3. Get the temperature just right

The temperature of the room and the temperature of the water need to be just right. You don’t want the room to be freezing, and you don’t want the water to be below 95°F or above 100°F.

4. Create a bath routine

Everything is new to babies and that uncertainty can be scary. However when you establish a routine, they know what to expect. Stick to that routine and you’ll find that after a few baths, your baby will become calmer because she’ll know what to expect. Some babies never cry during baths while others will scream like you’re ripping them from limb to limb. The key is to stay calm and go through the process and they’ll learn to stay calm too.

5. Turn into an expert narrator

You might feel a little silly at first but talking to your baby every step of the way helps her. Be silly and upbeat as you explain what’s going on. Give the full play-by-play and sing it if necessary. Your voice is soothing to her and will help her learn to enjoy her time in the tub instead of fear it.

6. Always exude calmness

One of the most important things during bath time for your baby is for you to stay calm. It is a huge responsibility to care for a tiny human, but you can do it. Don’t let your fears get in the way. Babies are intuitive and can sense your feelings, so keep on the sunny side. After many baths, you’ll find this less scary and more fun. It’s a great way to build a bond with your baby, and as she gets bigger, you can add fun toys to the tub too. Before you know it, she’ll be arguing with you to stay in the tub for longer so enjoy these sweet baby days while they last!

What has been your biggest bath time challenge? Tell us!