Teething Tricks and Caring for Baby Teeth

Published by Jennifer on Mar 29, 2018

Babies have the sweetest tooth-free smiles. Once those teeth come in, it’s a big milestone for them and for you too. But the agony that comes with teething can be a pain for the whole family. You’ll want to try out some tricks to ease the pain, plus you’ll need to start caring for those teeth that are coming in.

Here are some ways to make teething a less painful process:

1. Frozen washcloth

A clean washcloth that’s frozen is a great munchable for teething babies. The combination of the texture and the cold temperature is ultra-soothing.

2. Teethers

You can find teethers in any baby store. There are many different types but like pacifiers, your baby may be partial to one over another. Some are plush, some are made from wood, and some are made from safe rubber materials. Always check to be sure whichever ones you choose are free of BPA, PVC, artificial colors or phthalates.

3. Teething tablets

Teething tablets are safe and effective. They dissolve in baby’s mouth and are made from natural ingredients. These are a good choice for grumpy teethers.

4. Master the art of distraction

Babies can be fussy during teething but they are easy to distract. Try making funny faces, dancing around, or just being as goofy as possible to turn those tears into laughs.

5. Snuggle and love

One simple thing that can really help is to just give your baby extra cuddles and snuggles. Being close to you is what they always want anyway, and when they feel bad, it really helps. If you’re nursing, it will help calm your baby down and can even lead to a soothed and sleeping baby.

The teething process does get easier as time goes on. But don’t forget that you have a new duty now too. You must take care of your baby’s teeth as they come in. You can simply use a clean, wet wash cloth to wipe down the inside of the mouth on the tooth and gums. You can also use a baby toothbrush in the same way.

Initially, you’ll want to just use water to clean the teeth and gums, but as more teeth come in, you should start using a very tiny amount of baby toothpaste. Look for formulations that are safe to swallow. Your pediatrician can recommend some for you.

Before you know it, your baby will be a toddler with a full mouth of teeth. Treasure these moments, as trying as they are, because one day you’ll look back and remember just how precious it was when that first tooth came in!